Nat and boys

Hello, my name is Nat Guy and I live in sunny Tampa, Florida, having returned to my childhood hometown after years in New York City, Charleston, SC and elsewhere.

I am the creative director for the innovative NYC and San Francisco word of mouth marketing agency Affinitive, working on projects for some great national and international brands.

My wife Noriko, a fellow designer, and I also work with rockin’ small and medium-sized businesses directly for a range of design, development and marketing services.

Working with innovative agencies, inspiring coworkers, creative collaborators and great clients (ie, the “+ Partners” in the name above) my contributions cover creative direction, branding, design, development, social media innovations, strategy, messaging, lead generation & nurturing, broadcast motion graphics video and print for projects ranging from Warner Brothers, Scion, Madonna, Nickelodeon, E&J Gallo, The Nielsen Company, Contiki, and Kia Motors to multi-New York Times best-selling author David Bach, to startups and local institutions.

Awards and recognition for my work or work I have been on the team of have included Taschen’s 1000 Favorite Websites book, design inspiration websites, Mashable.com and social media awards such as W3, Communicator, SMITTYs, Magellan awards and more.

I love partnering with hard-working business owners and creative teams giving my best to bring out the best for your projects.

Drop us a line or stop by the office.